I just want to talk about Sia for a little while and how fucking phenomenal this woman is as a singer and songwriter. I've always been drawn to female vocalists with interesting and/or powerful voices. Amy Winehouse, for example, is one of my favourite singers. She was not only a great singer but she was … Continue reading SIA

WWOOFing in New Zealand – Part 1

I’ve been planning on posting about my time wwoofing in New Zealand for weeks but it’s taken me so long to write even this much, because quite frankly I'm lazy and have been playing video games instead - and working too to be fair, and I’m nowhere near finished. What I’m going to do is write … Continue reading WWOOFing in New Zealand – Part 1

10 Cloverfield Lane

-- THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS -- Last night I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane - a thriller about a woman, Michelle, who awakes after a car crash to find herself in a bunker with two men, Howard and Emmett, who claim there has been a chemical attack and the outside world is no longer … Continue reading 10 Cloverfield Lane